Discover helpful techniques, exercises and drills to help you progress in your ability to play with the more advanced postures.

Learning the basics and some strength building drills will not only help you to get upside down but it will also help you to guide your students safely and comfortably.

After learning the basics in this training there are two additional follow-up trainings you can take to get personal guidance and support as you progress in your practice.

To continue your learning and support your success with advanced asanas, after this training sign up for:

Applying the basics of Advanced Asanas (3hrs.)


Advanced Asana Playground (3hrs.)

This 10hr. training program is LIVE streamed on zoom. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!


$ 159 CAN + GST


This training can be counted as an elective towards your 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training certification. If you are enrolled in the 300hr. program you receive 20% off of the training.