In this training we will review common injuries and how we can support our students in their practice as they come back to their mat.

We will also explore how to mitigate certain injuries sometimes caused by yoga.

We will also do case studies of common situations to apply the information learned.

  • Define and understand a scope of practice, be able to clearly state your scope of practice as a yoga teacher

  • Understand what an orthopedic injury is

  • Understand the 3 stages of healing (Acute, Subacute, Chronic)

  • Learn and understand various common orthopedic injuries. Be able to define understand etiology (how does it happen), and common symptoms

  • List common locations for each injury

  • Demonstrate an understanding of it’s significance to yoga asana

  • List poses that aggravate the injury

  • List poses that are therapeutic for the injury

  • Understand common misalignments/ compensation patterns 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to sequence classes that are inclusive to chronic injuries

  • Demonstrate the ability to teach/cue directly to students with these injuries into appropriate poses. 

This 12hr. training program is LIVE streamed on zoom. Stay tuned for upcoming dates!


$ 229 CAN + GST


This training can be counted as an elective towards your 300hr. Yoga Teacher Training certification. If you are enrolled in the 300hr. program you receive 20% off of the training.